Data Services available from MDL's Technical Services

MDL capture and maintain a large archive of 3D data for major transport routes, infrastructure, and areas of interest across the UK and abroad. This data is available for purchase in various formats and resolutions. If MDL do not have the data you require contact us and we can collect it for you with quick mobilisation times and rapid turnaround. For large organisations MDL can offer data archiving and management services to help maintain data and provide easy online access to multiple users.Data Services

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Data Types

  • Airborne LiDAR
  • Mobile LiDAR
  • Terrestrial laser data
  • Bathymetric data
  • Imagery


  • Road
  • Rail
  • River
  • Utilities
  • Infrastructure


  • Digital Surface Models (DSM)
  • Digital Terrain Models (DTM)
  • Extracted Topography
  • Geo-referenced videos and still imagery

Customer specified deliverables can also be extracted from legacy and newly collected data through our LIDAR data processing service.