Support services for your project

As a designer and manufacturer of equipment MDL is in the best position to offer comprehensive technical support for every stage of the project lifecycle. Our team of industry experts with real world knowledge are available worldwide to assist with project mobilisation, acquisition, and delivery for a wide range of applications.


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Quarry & Mining

  • Quarry mapping
  • 3D rock face profiling
  • Blast analysis
  • Stockpile surveys
  • Mine surveys
  • Volumetric Surveys
  • Blast hole geometry surveys
  • Cavity and void analysis
  • Stability monitoring
  • Ore pass monitoring
  • Limited & hazardous access surveys
C-ALS being deployed

Dynascan truck with pylon   

Civil & Infrastructure

  • Utilities surveys
  • Highway surveys
  • Tunnel surveys
  • Bridge surveys
  • Land fill surveys
  • Wind farm surveys
  • Cut and fill earthworks surveys

 GIS & Topography

  • Urban mapping
  • Asset inventory surveys
  • Topographic mapping
  • Terrain modelling
  • GIS data collection
  • Bridge clearance surveys
  • Intervisibility surveys
Dynascan Truck  
A survey vessel mounted with a Dynascan M150 for a coastal monitoring survey project   

Coastal & Hydrographic

  • River & Canal Surveys
  • Coastal Surveys
  • Port and Harbour surveys
  • Dredging Surveys
  • Environment Monitoring
  • Flood plain mapping
  • Land Reclamation Surveys


  • As-built surveys of oil and gas facilities
  • Cross country pipeline surveys
  • Industrial design and reverse engineering
  • Brownfield updates and revamps
  • Clash detection
Faro utilities image 
Faro Phil


  • As-built documentation
  • Heritage and architectural scanning
  • MEP surveys
  • Measured building surveys
  • Scan to BIM
  • Preparation of plans, elevations and sections
  • Facilities management